30 years ago, Criminal Investigator Brian Brawdy answered a phone call that changed his life forever. Called to the scene of his father’s suicide, instantly altered his sense of what it meant to be human.

“I left the morgue with a mission. I was going to uncover the intimate workings of the human mind and the ultimate meaning of life.”

After resigning, turning in his gun and badge, Brian left New York to begin his search for clues into the complex nature of human cognition. Spending tens of thousands of hours scouring the fields of psychology and philosophy, archaeology and mythology, classic literature and comparative religion, quantum physics, chaos and randomness theory, the sacred and the secular, the spiritual and the scientific, he began to “crack the case.”

Since then, he has dedicated himself to demystifying the human thought process, it’s detailed interactions with its immediate environment, (he calls it The Labyrinth of Life or The Garden of the Mortals) while uncovering the essential elements for the “natural optimization of human potential.”

Heading “wherever the leads take you,” he explored and survived some of the greatest extremes in temperature and terrain, (both mental and physical) from the depths of the Yellowstone winter, to the height of the Death Valley summer, from kayaking the Everglades to hiking Denali National Park. He spent countless hours in bookstores and the backcountry, libraries and the landscapes of the ancient temples, pyramids, and mountaintop monasteries of Mexico, Belize and Wu dang China.

“I’ve never lost the eye and mind of a crime scene investigator. It’s all about the evidence; it’s everywhere, you just gotta know how to spot it and be prepared to go wherever it points.”

Today, as the Director of the Advanced Mindfulness Institute, online and in person Brian works to facilitate “all natural thinking” and “elite mental fitness” with individuals, groups and audiences whose drive is for optimal human performance both personally and professionally. He is wholeheartedly committed to highlighting and passing on the fruits, tips and techniques of his 3 decades worth of investigation and the stunning benefits of “intrepid intellectual intimacy.”

“You were born a SuperHuman. It may be dormant, but it is in desperate need of release. Your life depends on it!”

Brian’s passion and quest for “fully enjoying life” and “using ones mind to think sharply” have been highlighted on TV, radio and newspapers across North America and even China.

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