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There is no such thing as fundamental insecurity, only a shaky sense of self, from time to time.

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I saw an advertisement this morning directed at people feeling “broken.” A subtitle of a “broken heart” tweaked me a bit, because at our core, we are truly unbreakable. True, our ego can get its nose out of joint from time to time, our self can be agitated occasionally, but our Soul is unshakable.

In the end “broken” is a mindset, not a matter of fact!

You define ‘liberating’ because you condone the chains!

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In working for over 30 years now to understand “reduced human optimization” and how
we develop watered-down minds in the first place, I’ve come to see that contrary to what we have been taught,
our circumstances don’t contain us, we contain ourselves.

With the “re-cognition” of your ALL Natural Being, you are no longer dependent on outside influences;
the chains of late no longer have a binding hold on you!

Liberation is a mindset. Once you cultivate a personal of freedom within your own head, you make it so in your life.

Human resilience is your greatest personal resource!

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At the very core of who you are (biologically, psychologically and spiritually) your inborn ability to recover from Life’s onslaught is the hallmark of what it means to be impeccably human.

Your authentic capability to survive almost anything, to bounce back repeatedly and then take another “helping of hurt” is the telltale sign of your All Natural Being.

When it comes to the mercurial attacks of Fate, always remember that you are a great deal more flexible, stout and sturdy than you remember!

It is the meandering mind, not the girdled, that always finds it’s path!

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There is no concept more integral to ALL Natural Being than the art form of meandering. To venture out with no particular destination in mind. To go…simply for the sake of going is the very best way to get to where you heart needs to be.

The human mind is built for meandering; to be fully alive is to actively and gratefully embrace the “improv” of the moment, wherever the path takes you!

Evicted from the garden Eden or the savannas of Africa, we meandered into Life! It’s in our DNA to wander!

Confidence: Knowing that regardless of the storm, YOU are the port.

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The single greatest philosophical and psychological threat you face is to be conned (by yourself or others) out of your connection with your All Natural Confidence!

In all matters of “situational awareness” your self assurance is the most important natural resource you possess.

Good News? Though it may seem dormant, it is far from dead. Once revived and reintroduced to your environment, stress and worry begin to fade away.

Remember who you are, reconnect with the reservoir of confidence that is encoded in you at birth and your life begins to unfold around you as it must!

Death never scares those that know how to live.

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Many believe that the single greatest fear humans face is the fear of death. Because of it, we do everything we can believing, hoping, praying we can run from, or postpone it in some misguided, unatural way.  So we “protect” ourselves and hope to avoid our final hour by living a “safe” and absentee life.

But what if our most important fear to face is one that ponders a life spent philosophically deceased, prematurely dead because of our decisions?

Is “life” still life if it is lead apathetically, even miserably?

The “truth of your life” is that your time is running out; instead of running away from that eventuality, we might choose to use that energy to embrace and wrestle (with a smile on our face) the everyday situations and circumstances we find ourselves in.

In the end, death only terrifies those that have lived a dearth of a life! It scares those who adopted a scarcity mindset while wrapped in the moment at hand.

Your pulse is the best test of ‘True to Life.’ What quickens yours?

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What evokes your spirit? What grabs your spine? What prods your passion?

It seems a strange fascination, today’s near neurotic pursuit of an exterior, postponed happiness.

Perpetually preoccupied with our etched in stone plans for elation, acutely absorbed in our personal antics of anticipating “better days,” we fail to miss the joy that naturally sits within us, the bliss bubbling at the base of our core.

Shakespeare nails it when he places these words in  Hamlet’s mouth: “To be or not to be…”

When it comes to happiness, it’s up to you to either “be or not be” so.

Human beings never find happiness, they simply decide to unleash it in their everyday lives!

The byproduct of your stumble and fall lays bare your true character!

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Not meeting your original expectations in any endeavor has nothing to do with “failure.” Matter of fact, I’m not certain “failure” exists with the force we currently infuse it with. It’s popular in our culture to
look at failure as an end result and not as the fork in the road it truly is.

Either way, how we handle our setbacks says a ton about who we are.

Taking them in stride?
Seeing them as a reason to talk ourselves out of continuing?

Winner or Whiner?

Failure is simply a gauge for our long term success, never a reason to pack it in and abandon our grit!
How you look at it labels who you think you are!

Struggle is nothing more than success in progress. ‘The Brawl’ is what it’s all about!

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When did we (you specifically) begin to look at toil and challenge in a negative light? The very biology that fuels and builds our bodies is about constant struggle.

Mentally, when did we decide to give a bad rap to any “adversity” that arises on our path? How did we come to paint them as excruciating and any challenging situation we find ourselves in as inhospitable?

As the perfect training partner, those trials our simply invitations to go all out, a call for our best shot, a prompt to stimulate our inner brilliance and authentic vigor!

For Super Humans? Struggle is a welcome part of their stride.