Ever get the sense that your heart has had enough of your head’s shenanigans?

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When it comes to security–no, not border security–when it comes to protecting ourselves from the onslaught of BS from our critics and the less than optimal circumstances of life and our surroundings, we need to develop a “cognitive security” plan.

We need a buffer, a philosophical fire-wall, a cognitive security routine that can act as a fall back for us. When our heart kicks in, we need to cover its back!

In those moments when you feel under assault from the jack-asses in your life, ever wonder if you are being a bit too touchy, too sensitive, too susceptible, too thin-skinned, too downright vulnerable to the “pun cushion” mindset?

That people are petty, that some circumstances just suck…outside of you control. What you can regulate though is your openness to pettiness and less that perfect circumstances and scenarios.

I do it with one question.

“Am I being vulnerable or venerable? ”

In that moment when the words or actions of another begin to grab your mind, ask yourself…

“Am I going to respond from my marrow, as my inner Super Hero or from the shallow end of my ego?”

In that split second, decide…which part of you will decide and then respond accordingly.

Your heart will thank you for it!!

Weakness is just another word for forgotten grit! You are tougher than you remember!

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Weakness isn’t a condition, it is a fabricated, trumped up cognition of the mind.

We may be normally weak or brittle or timid but these thought patterns are far from natural!

More times than not, our alleged “feebleness” and “fearfulness” is a fabrication of our personal self- assessment. In actuality, it is our inner audit that is inadequate.

So, the next time you are feeling weak or overwhelmed, check your attitude. You’ll find you’re more forgetful than frail.


Want to be your best? Greet your worst day with open arms. (Then ask it..is this all you brought?)

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Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right? Where your plans are sidetracked at almost every turn? AS easy as it is do become discouraged, it helps to remember the following, age-old advice…

In order to be “derailed” in our day, we need to decide to be derailed by whatever confronts us. The circumstance needs our permission to ultimately sabotage us.

When you look at every situation as packed full of lessons (some harder to discover than others admittedly) then the attached stress simply melts away.

In the end it is our outlook that obstructs us, not the perceived obstacle.

I always find it helpful to remember that every so often, sometimes, it is the worst in life that makes it so worthwhile!


Always stand your ground. Your spine isn’t built to back down.

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I think you are stronger and more resilient than you remember.
I think your skin and backbone are a good bit thicker than you recall.
I think you are a great deal more passionate and fascinating than you reckon.
At your core, in your Pristine, you truly are untouchable.

That we grow to forget all of our “natural resources” is unfortunate but far from irreversible. Though your “super powers” may be dormant, they are far from deceased.  They sit just beneath the chaos of life, patiently awaiting your call to rise and face challenge at hand.

Your All Natural grit is rock solid.
It’s your memory that is a bit shaky!


Courage has no need of hope. The Brave never trade their backbone for a wishbone!

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The hard, cold facts about holding out for hope?

Hope, like all wishing wells place the mind outside of this moment. When we pin our hopes on any future, we admit that the present is wanting and therefore defective or faulty in some way.

Bravery or Courage is the mark of one grounded in “whatever” the moment throws in her/his path. “Thy Will be done!”

“It is what it is” vs. “I want ‘xyz’ to be happy” is the fork in the road we must successfully
negotiate if we want to optimize our mind for happiness, fulfillment and success.

Expecting joy always looses out to experiencing it in this moment!

Worry is an insult to your imagination. It’s not natural for your mind’s eye to be your mortal enemy.

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Are your everyday perceptions imprisoning you?

As popular as it is to believe that we are chained by our circumstances, is it at all possible that they way you perceive a particular situation actually empowers it to hold you captive?

Next time your confronted by an allegedly adverse situation, take the time to ask yourself…

“What about this circumstance troubles me?” What is it specifically that has me so worked up?

As your answers jump to awareness ask yourself…

“One year from now, will this stretch of ‘rough road’ or ‘troubled water’ have made a lasting impact on me?”

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, could “conflict” fill that same space?

“The only key to “holding it together” is the personal decision to never, ever give up on yourself!”

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I’m not certain there is as much “Unhappiness” in the world today as there are people who have given up “being happy.” Maybe it seems like too much work, a constant burden or even a challenge?

Ironic really, in that the general operating system for the Human mind is joy, happiness, and a overall sense of “Yes” to Life. Unhappiness may be a normal feeling, but it is far from natural.

Unhappiness is nothing more than a viewpoint; a way of looking out at our surroundings and then judging and qualifying our environment based on the beliefs we set for ourselves.

Unhappiness, sadness, melancholy isn’t some “thing” that settles overhead and slowly suffocates us. It is simply the lens we choose to examine the moment at hand. It’s a philosophical perspective we adopt. Heartfelt happiness is obscured when we let the haze of our head cloud our vision.

Hobbled Soul or Super Human? Whole hearted or watered down? You answer with your life! –Brian Brawdy

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Welcome to day 29 of the 29 Days to Reviving Your All Natural Super Human.

When one looks at the condition of our world and the people running around on our planet, you have to wonder why all the personal dis-ease? Why all the pain, stress, sadness and tension at a time that could be overflowing with fun, joy, excitement, passion, full of “Yes” to the adventure at hand?

Why have so many hobbled their Souls and stifled their authenticity, choosing to make himself or herself Fate’s easy prey?

With all the advances in modern science (which is really nothing more than the exercise of the truly stunning breadth and depth of the Human Mind) how is it that we are individually and collectively in the passive, lonely, depressed state we find ourselves in?

As I started out on my journey to uncover the traits of the Super Human, the original, all natural being you were sent here to be, I realized that there is nothing wrong with the modern mind, it’s our outdated owner’s manual that needs updated and revised. It’s not our neurons, it’s our narrative, the dialogue between our mirrors and ourselves that needs renovated, desperately so before our time drains away.

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How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself? –Epictetus

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Welcome to day 28 of the 29 Days to Reviving Your All Natural Super Human.

Born with a human brain, how is it that so many of us find so much to complain about? Packed with nearly unlimited potential, why does everything seem like such a problem for us? Why always on the edge of exploding at one “offense” or another?

I often think about road rage; the anger some vent when they are suddenly cutoff or blocked in traffic, when someone trespasses in “our lane.” Ever wonder if it is left over fury and outrage from being our own obstacle or obstruction? Are we the ones inhibiting our progress down our own path?

There must be built up stress from turning our back on who we ultimately are. Just beneath the surface of our facade, it waits to be triggered, to attract our attention through projection perhaps?

I’ve often said, “You can’t keep a good Soul down.”

How long will it be until you decide to be who you truly are?

How long till you say “Enough” already?

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor. –Truman Capote

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Welcome to day 27 of the 29 Days to Reviving Your All Natural Super Human.

The only problem with failure is that so many of us take it personally.

I read in a post yesterday a writer offering, “that failure broke my heart.” Before I could catch myself I thought, “Why treat your heart like a pin cushion? Who does that?”

Where is that in the rules? Is there a guidebook I’m not familiar with?

Failure is a scratch, not a gouge, a temporary snag that only stings when we internalize it, adopt it as some telltale or moniker for who we are. How does it benefit you to turn one incident into an indelible commentary about your overall status?

Why let something as commonplace as failure derail or even destroy you?

Knock it off!

If you want to feel awkward, ashamed or even self-conscious, find another way.

Let’s be honest. More times than not, we don’t mind failing; we are horrified about what others think of our stumble. It’s about being hammered by our critics, hurt by the alleged embarrassment or humiliation of it all.


Moving forward, ignore the critics (yourself included) and squeeze from your snafu ALL the information you can about launching your next attempt!

In the end, our missteps are the poured mortar, failure the foundation our ultimate success is built on!