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Awakening to The Aleph and the Adventure of Everyday Life.

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Make no mistake, “The Truth” will set you free eventually, only as an afterthought. It must first tire of tormenting you.

As I prepare to fully launch the Brian Brawdy blog, (Welcome, before I forget) I suspect a wee bit of explanation may be in order. Over a year ago now I took a break from Facebook, Twitter, all social media and most of my acquaintances, in person and over the Internet. Upon realizing that I had not been myself since the encounter with The Aleph, if I were melting down, I didn’t feel the necessity to do so publically. Should crazy be what come, I would find it out on my own.

Don’t let your blindspot dictate who you become

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I spend most mornings wondering what God must be thinking. Looking down on so many protégés failing to live up to their true genetic potential and human heft certainly can’t make his Top Ten list of favorite things to do. Surveying from above the staggering number of us living below our cognitive capabilities, choosing mindlessly to surrender both our mental and physical brawn, abandoning the search for our ultimate passion, mission and mate, just can’t be a great way to jumpstart his day.

Just Who Do You Think You Are Talking To?

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You know what’s wrong with our world? Too much timidity! Tons of lion tamers, so few lions left, in the wild or anywhere else. Which is odd really, contrary to Nature at your core.

There is no mere in mortal. You are naturally limitless; no NZT required.

Here’s the thing; too much groveling, too many begging, bowed heads and bent knees, too much time spent acquiescing convention anesthetizes the human mind, stymies our authenticity, crushes our probability of genuine success at every turn. To paraphrase the French philosopher Rousseau, we are “born free, yet everywhere we are in chains.” And these chains come at a high price; our self-imposed confinement costs us dearly. Contrary to popular belief and motif, it’s conformity—not curiosity—that kills. …