Death never scares those that know how to live.

By May 25, 2016reboot

Many believe that the single greatest fear humans face is the fear of death. Because of it, we do everything we can believing, hoping, praying we can run from, or postpone it in some misguided, unatural way.  So we “protect” ourselves and hope to avoid our final hour by living a “safe” and absentee life.

But what if our most important fear to face is one that ponders a life spent philosophically deceased, prematurely dead because of our decisions?

Is “life” still life if it is lead apathetically, even miserably?

The “truth of your life” is that your time is running out; instead of running away from that eventuality, we might choose to use that energy to embrace and wrestle (with a smile on our face) the everyday situations and circumstances we find ourselves in.

In the end, death only terrifies those that have lived a dearth of a life! It scares those who adopted a scarcity mindset while wrapped in the moment at hand.

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