Your pulse is the best test of ‘True to Life.’ What quickens yours?

By May 24, 2016reboot

What evokes your spirit? What grabs your spine? What prods your passion?

It seems a strange fascination, today’s near neurotic pursuit of an exterior, postponed happiness.

Perpetually preoccupied with our etched in stone plans for elation, acutely absorbed in our personal antics of anticipating “better days,” we fail to miss the joy that naturally sits within us, the bliss bubbling at the base of our core.

Shakespeare nails it when he places these words inĀ  Hamlet’s mouth: “To be or not to be…”

When it comes to happiness, it’s up to you to either “be or not be” so.

Human beings never find happiness, they simply decide to unleash it in their everyday lives!

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