Your Mind. The Moment. Mastering Probability.
Our online mentorship group blends the best of ancient, esoteric wisdom with modern quantum physics and neuroscience. The ultimate probability of optimizing your mind begins with identifying the unique probity of your Soul. Success in life doesn’t happen by accident it happens on purpose. What’s yours? In All Natural Minds, we’re going to find out.


How would you like to use your mind the way nature intended, taking it to a whole new level, honing your cognition to the cutting edge it was born to be?
Are you dedicated to optimizing your individual, professional, entrepreneurial or athletic instincts, resources and mindsets, catapulting yourself to dramatic success?
Why not explore the myriad benefits of training directly with Brian in these private, one-on-one sessions (in person, phone or Skype) to unleash your true talents, to be “impeccably Human,” and upgrade your mental state to Premier Status?



Crack Your Soul’s Cipher. Unleash Your Super Powers. Seize the Life You Deserve.
Why embrace the urban myth that excellence will cost you 10,000 hours of sustained, concentrated effort? What if there were a way to dramatically reduce the time to achieve personal success and prowess? Interested in maximizing and optimizing your potential in a minimal amount of time? Then you need to explore 20 Minute Excellence.


The World is Waiting on Your Unique Brand of Brilliance.
How will personal and professional success look in the days ahead? We can’t be certain. One thing you can count on? The Future welcomes The Bold with open arms. It always has. It always will. Fate champions those courageous enough to demonstrate their authentic uniqueness in their everyday lives. Grab your personal brand and Bring Your Own Bold?


June 6, 2016 in reboot

There is no such thing as fundamental insecurity, only a shaky sense of self, from time to time.

I saw an advertisement this morning directed at people feeling “broken.” A subtitle of a “broken heart” tweaked me a bit, because at our core, we are truly unbreakable. True,…

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June 2, 2016 in reboot

Inner richness, not external riches, dictates your self worth!

If you are here, you have an “edge.” You have a head start, an inside track, an upper hand in bringing your authentic and unique natural resources to life. It…

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June 1, 2016 in reboot

You define ‘liberating’ because you condone the chains!

In working for over 30 years now to understand “reduced human optimization” and how we develop watered-down minds in the first place, I’ve come to see that contrary to what…

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